The Island Kitchen

Add a cherry-on-top with an island in your kitchen which can be a storage, dining table, or outfitted with appliances & fixtures, acting as a pivot point between the cooking, preparation & cleaning zones

The Galley Kitchen

A space-saving kitchen layout with key functions clustered around each other. The countertops can be interspersed with appliances, sinks, cabinetry, and other functionalities. It’s a highly functional design for most homes, in particular for small & narrow spaces.

The U-Shaped Kitchen

A three sided working top design is efficient for a medium or large sized kitchen. With a free movement, greater flexibility, plenty of counter space, it makes the kitchen well organised & suitable for a big family. An unbroken flow of worktops and units make it a very practical & space efficient kitchen design.

The L-Shaped Kitchen

This design is suitable for kitchens of most shapes & sizes & is one of the most practical & ergonomic designs for an efficient workflow. Helps maximise the space by perfectly fitting into a corner. Typically a longer countertop on one side & a shorter counter with an appliance or often the stove. making the working process more manageable.

The Straight Kitchen

Ideal for open layout homes, with cabinets, appliances & fixtures, all fixed onto one wall, making it the ultimate space saver. Spruce it up with a high seating breakfast counter, or compliment it with an island & merge the kitchen with the house or studio

The G-Shaped Kitchen

Similar to a U-shaped kitchen with an additional counter jutting out as a fourth dimension functioning as an extra countertop or dining space. Ideal for houses with large kitchens, this layout makes complete utilisation of space, covering every inch with cabinetry & appliances.